Framework is built with microservices architecture in mind. We have prepared a reusable set of small services that can be deployed for any product with little or no modifications. Much can be achieved with configuration as most of the microservices are highly configurable. We make it easy for every service to be scaled independently to any extent necessary with little investment, using common hardware.

Kafka, RabbitMQ, IronMQ or RethinDB change feeds can be used as a system event bus. Various subsystems in most cases have no idea about existence of each other. All communications are performed via system eventbus.

Framework is built to be secure from the ground up. The only way to interface with the system from internet is via a secure gateway. Only those subsystems that have to be are exposed this way. No micro service can be accessed directly from the internet. Data at rest is always encrypted, data in transit is encrypted using HTTPS and SSL.

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We take care of tech for our clients. You get a highly skilled team of software engineers to help turn your ideas into real software products and best technical solutions.




Our services meet your technology needs by providing:

  • A cost-effective team to supplement your internal resources
  • Best-practice development and delivery velocity
  • Efficient and transparent communication with all parties
  • Excellent project management and progress visibility

Together we build products that are scalable and dependable, and that look and work great. Our capabilities allow you to initiate a project easily, quickly and securely, whether you require a team of two dedicated developers or a full team of 20. We have flexible engagement models that will fit perfectly into your way of working.

Our Process

Clear Idea

We discuss the idea with your team, until there is a clear understanding.

Tech document

Based on gathered information we prepare a comprehensive technology specification document that outlines all necessary details of the system.

Unique design

UI/UX design can be done by our graphic designers to deliver top of the line front-end experience. We can work with your preferred designers as well.

Control over the work

We plan and implement your system using iterative approach. We communicate with you during the week to ensure that everyone is on the same page and happy with the progress.

Graph-based APIs

We believe that graph-based APIs are easier to implement, understand and use. Expanding and documenting graph-based APIs is what we do best. We use the same Graph API approach of nodes and edges that companies like Facebook use.

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Graph-Engine Framework

Over the last two years we have implemented a framework that greatly speeds up product development. It allows us to almost immediately have initial version of the back-end deployed.

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Our clients

flow health

EigenGraph has been indispensable to Flow Health. We've saved significant money and didn't sacrifice quality. I would highly recommend using EigenGraph for highly complex backend system to simple mobile apps. They are my go to team for any software development need.

I enjoyed working with Dmitry and his team. They delivered on time and communication was excellent.

I have been working with Dmitry and his team for over 9 months now and they are some of the best developers I have ever worked with. Dmitry is extremely efficient on managing the project, and thoroughly understands all the business requirements. His team is able to fully execute on all tasks in a timely fashion while delivering stunning results that were well above expectations.I would highly recommend them to any company looking for development work to be done

Tech Stack

Data storage: RethinkDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB

System Bus: RethinkDB, Kafka, RabbitMQ

Microservices: Node.js, Golang

Search: ElasticSearch

Caching: Redis

Analytics: Spark

Statistics: InfluxDB

CI: Strider

Deployment: AWS, any other cloud platform

Web Apps: React + Redux, AngularJS, Backbone

iOS, Android: Native